fogdog: n. a bright or clear spot that appears in breaking fog. 

Fogdog Ventures is committed to creating transformative places and experiences. 

Major shifts in how we live, work, play, and maintain our health are redefining our expectations for the built environment. As we increasingly seek meaningful and enriching experiences, we are rediscovering the significant impact that physical spaces have on our lives and wellbeing. We believe this requires a refined approach to real estate investment and development: one that reconsiders our basic relationship with the built environment to create impactful places that support our evolving needs.

Fogdog embraces this transformation by crafting destinations that promote well-being and deeply integrate with the local environment. Our macro-based strategy focuses on long-term value creation. We target platform and individual asset investments with significant value-add or opportunistic components. Our projects include both new developments and repositioning / converting existing assets. We invest across all asset sectors, with an emphasis on hospitality and housing.